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Fastershire is delivering faster broadband to Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. Follow the steps below to find out if you can benefit from faster broadband today.

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What's Happening?
2 hours ago:

Register with us here if you want us to email you when fibre broadband is available in your area to let you know that you can upgrade your broadband line.  

1 day ago:

More than 275 cabinets have now been fibre enabled. Click here to see if you can upgrade to fibre broadband.  

2 days ago:

We're working with local residents to get wayleaves signed so we can deliver a power supply to a cabinet in the Bromyard area and one in the Burley Gate area.  

3 days ago:

This week our engineers are working in and around Alderton, Burghill, Carey, Harewood End, Leysters, Moccas, St Weonards, Sutton St Nicholas, Tetbury, Uley and Wormelow. 

6 days ago:

Don't risk losing your files from your computer. Fastershire Buzz shows you how to back up your photos, videos and files. 

7 days ago:

We're adding extra capacity in the underground ducts leading from  the Llangarron exchange, so that we can continue to lay fibre in the area, and so that we’ve got the capacity to add more in the future if it's needed. 

1 week ago:

We've now found several points in the underground duct along Haw Street and Old Town in Wotton Under Edge where we need to clear blockages or pump out silt. There's also a couple of sections where we need to replace damaged duct. As the roads are pretty narrow, and there's one way systems in the area, we're looking at the best way to do this work without as little impact on local traffic as possible.  

1 week ago:

The first cabinet has gone live in the Blakeney area. Find out here if fibre broadband if available on your line.  

1 week ago:

This week our engineers are working in and around Alderton, Carey, Churchdown, Leysters, Moccas, Sutton St. Nicholas and Uley. 

2 weeks ago:

Here's our team clearing underground ducts in the Wormelow area. We bring in specialist equipment to suck out the blockages, which is why we need to close roads or put traffic lights up to do this work. We always work with Highways so that we do this with as little disruption as possible.  

2 weeks ago:

We've now cleared the blockages in the  the underground duct running from Hereford exchange out to the Burley Gate area and have started laying fibre underground. Work should now progress in Burley Gate, as well as in the Bromyard and Sutton St Nicholas areas which have also been impacted by this work. 

2 weeks ago:

The first homes and businesses in Berkeley and Sharpness can now upgrade to fibre broadband as the first two cabinets in the Berkeley exchange area have now gone live. Click here to see if you can upgrade to fibre broadband. 

2 weeks ago:

This week our engineers are working in and around Alderton, Bosbury, Bridge Sollars, Canon Pyon, Churchdown, Falfield, Hardwicke, Sutton St Nicholas, Upton Bishop and Wormelow. 

2 weeks ago:

With so many nasty bugs out there, Fastershire Buzz shows you how to protect yourself and your computer.  

3 weeks ago:

We've found a number of blockages and silted ducts in areas of Wotton under Edge. As these are on one way routes we're working with Highways to schedule the engineering work so  disruption to traffic is kept to a minimum.  

3 weeks ago:

Three cabinets are now live in the Pontrilas exchange area. If you live in Pontrilas or Ewyas Harold, click here to see if you can upgrade to fibre broadband.  

3 weeks ago:

The average speed available from cabinets that have been upgraded to FTTC in Fastershire is 47mbps.

3 weeks ago:

This week our engineers are working in and around Alderton, Bodenham, Bosbury, Canon Pyon, Much Marcle, Stonehouse and Wormelow. 

3 weeks ago:

Once we've delivered fibre to an area you won’t automatically be upgraded, you'll need to contact a broadband provider to upgrade your broadband package. Fastershire Buzz shows you how to upgrade to fibre broadband.  

How are we doing?
54,608 faster homes and businesses
702 Kms fibre laid
53 exchange areas live
230 cabinets live
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What's next for Fastershire...

Our current rollout aims to deliver 90% fibre coverage and ends at the end of 2015 in Gloucestershire and 2016 in Herefordshire. But future phases will extend that coverage even further...

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