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Fastershire Community Broadband Grant

The Fastershire Community Broadband Grant is targeting the final 3-4% of properties in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire that still require access to a superfast broadband of 30mbps or more. 

Who funds the scheme?

The scheme is entirely funded by Herefordshire Council and Gloucestershire County Council and designed to help find a solution specific for each community. Fastershire will fund up to a maximum of £500,000 per community project. 

What does the scheme aim to provide? 

The purpose of the grant is to provide these properties with access to superfast connection (30mbps or above), but the scheme will only invest in networks that are capable of providing access to gigabit connections (1,000mbps) so community projects that are successful will have access to Fibre to the Property.
In some cases, the solution may mean using a new supplier or different technology to reach a deeply rural community, or to extend an existing network further to reach outlying properties that were too expensive to connect in previously.  

Who is eligible for the scheme?

Any property in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, either residential or business that;
  • Is listed in our address data
  • Cannot access a superfast connection (30mbps or above) 
  • Is not included in a planned commercial rollout 
  • Is not included in one of Fastershire’s on-going rollout contracts the Openreach, Gigaclear or Airband.   
  • Has not already benefitted from a Fastershire grant

How to register

To see if your property is eligible for the Stage 5 Community Broadband Grant, please use the address checker above. If your property is eligible the address checker will display the Expression of Interest form.

How does the grant scheme work? 

Step 1: Individual residents and businesses will submit their Expression of Interest 
Step 2: When there is sufficient interest from an area, Fastershire will bring these requests together to form a ‘community’ project
Step 3: Fastershire will support the ‘community’ to develop the formal ‘Request for Quotation’ (RFQ) which will be published on the grant’s online procurement portal 
Step 3: Broadband network suppliers will then have 28days to view the RFQ and submit bids for the contract 
Step 4: Fastershire will evaluate any received quotes and will make a formal recommendation to the community 
Step 5: The contract will be specific to that community and will be awarded by the community to the chosen supplier
Step 6: When the network is built, Fastershire will release payment to the supplier when community members confirm the network has been delivered and they are able to place their broadband order 
To see if your property can register for the stage 5 grant, please use the address checker function above. 


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Faster broadband is being rolled out across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire between now but it is not possible to flick a switch to make every area go live on the same day and some areas will go live before this. Register your interest today and we'll let you know when you can order.