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FEP Supercharges Cinderford 13th July 2022 When Antony Davies connected his computer to the internet in his new Cinderford home, he discovered he and many others had a mere 8-9 Mbs download speed. Antony teamed up with the Forest Economic Partnership (FEP) to show Fastershire that there was a need for gigabit broadband in Cinderford. FullFibre Ltd's successful bid to Fastershire's Community Grant Scheme and their ethos of supporting the whole community made them the perfect organisation to take on the challenge of bringing ultrafast connections to thousands of homes and businesses and make Cinderford one of the fastest towns in the UK. Watch video Nordkapp or bust for St Michael’s Hospice: with a little help from Fastershire 20th May 2022 For Rob Edwards, faster broadband hass made a big difference in planning a once in a lifetime fundraising adventure. Watch this short film to learn how Rob is taking on his epic journey to raise funds for his much-loved charity, St Michael's Hospice. Watch video Westonbirt Unseen At Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, faster internet connections have enabled people with sight impairments to join the volunteer guide team and design a rich visitor experience for all. Watch video How to use a mesh network to extend WiFi throughout your property 28th April 2022 Toby Murcott explains how a mesh network can solve the problem of internet dead spots by strategically placing hubs throughout your home or office. Watch video How to use powerline adapters to extend WiFi throughout your property Toby Murcott explains how you can use powerline adaptors to help you connect to the internet in every room in your house and even the garden shed. Watch video Understanding WiFi Fastershire's science journalist friend Toby Murcott explains how powerline adapters and mesh networks can help you make the most of your internet. Watch video Fastershire at Luctonians Sports Club England's top rugby teams all need a bit of speed on the wing. And back in the clubhouse, the staff need to be just as fast when it comes to downloading documents, working in the cloud, allowing staff to work from home and uploading the last match videos. Alex Smith, Director of Operations at Luctonian Sports Club, explains how Fastershire and GigaClear are helping the club avoid post-match penalties. Watch video Barton Court on a new course with help from Fastershire Barton Court's business plan targeting the wedding market was pulled from under the feet of owners Linda and James when the pandemic struck. Sat in an empty, but magnificent building, refunding customers led the couple to look for alternative income streams. The potential offered by Barton Court's history and splendour needed one more ingredient, faster broadband. Fastershire helped unlock that potential by making fibre broadband a reality for the Herefordshire based business. Watch video How the Full Fibre broadband rollout will change Hereford for decades to come. While Fastershire is bringing the fastest broadband to rural areas in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, our friends at Zzoomm PLC are also building another of the UK's fastest and most resilient networks for the people of Hereford. We asked Matthew Hare, Founder and Chief Executive of Zzoomm, to give us a peep inside one of our city's fastest full fibre broadband cabinets and explain what full fibre is all about. Watch video
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