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Exclusive Offers

As a Faster Business you can benefit from a range of exclusive and discounts from Fastershire and a range local businesses.



Free Online Guides

Faster Business offers a whole host of experimental online guides designed to help you and your business learn about key aspects of IT. For more information, please click here.


Advisor 10 minute pledge

Follow up any aspect of your review over the phone for up to 10 minutes for free. Contact us for more information, please click here.


Discount on equipment & subscription

Velocomms in Bromyard are offering Faster Businesses 10% off bonding equipment & 5-10% off their subscription services.

Bonding copper lines can be a cost effective way of getting superfast broadband or, where fibre services are available achieving resilience from a secondary connection. For more information, please click here.


Free Wi-Fi access

Malvern company, Resolve Information Technology, are offering Faster Businesses a free Wi-Fi access point to those that subscribe to their basic Wi-Fi marketing package and join their webinar.

Offering onsite internet access to customers on the premise can be critical in the tourism and hospitality sector. For more information, click here.


10% off your first order

Rethink Printing, Hereford are offering Faster Businesses 10% off their first order, for more information, please click here.

Rethink Printing is a local and independent business that has been supplying printers, copiers, toner cartridges and ink cartridges to Herefordshire homes and businesses since 2003.



Free 2 Months Trial to Improve Your Marketing

It’s had to know what to do to promote your business. Ticked-Off.com provides you with simple marketing tasks to act on right away and includes examples, downloads plus a big button to tick it off when you're done.

Be the boss of your marketing one task at a time. All the tasks are broken up into manageable chunks so you can go from newbie be the boss of your marketing one task at a time.

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Faster broadband is being rolled out across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire between now but it is not possible to flick a switch to make every area go live on the same day and some areas will go live before this. Register your interest today and we will keep you in the loop about developments in your fibre broadband status.