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Training Resources for Beginners

There are many free online courses, videos and guides for beginners, to help you improve your internet and computer skills. There are also a lot of useful resources to help you help someone else get started with the online basics – setting-up an email account, using a keyboard and mouse, searching the internet and more. 

Useful Links

Below are links to some of the most useful courses.
There are also Learn My Way learning guides you can download to help someone learn about the internet.  
Some of these can be downloaded here:
 The Learn My Way website has many more free courses and guides to help improve digital skills.


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Faster broadband is being rolled out across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire between now but it is not possible to flick a switch to make every area go live on the same day and some areas will go live before this. Register your interest today and we'll let you know when you can order.