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Save money with ‘Social Tariffs’

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Families receiving Universal Credit or other financial support now have a more straightforward way to save money on their broadband bills.

A growing number of internet service providers offer social tariffs, which usually provide the same download speeds and quality of service as standard packages at a reduced monthly rate.

A new service, run by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), allows internet service providers to verify, with customers’ permission, whether they are in receipt of a relevant benefit and eligible for extra financial support.

The scheme is already supported by Virgin Media O2 who has announced it will use the system to verify eligible customers signing up for their Essential Broadband tariff. The company will also waive early termination fees for those moving from existing tariffs.

Before August 22nd 2022, users needed to prove that they were claiming financial support, now, providers will be able to confirm which customers are eligible automatically.

Recent research by Uswitch discovered that around two-thirds of eligible households are unaware that Social Tariffs exist, meaning ten million homes in the UK could save up to £234 a year.

The Fastershire broadband project is raising awerness of the scheme and encouraging eligible Herefordshire families to sign up and save up to £20 per month on their broadband bills.

In Herefordshire, the Fastershire broadband project has played a large part in transforming superfast broadband provision from 0.6 per cent in 2012 to over 94 per cent today. Fastershire’s Project Director Ian Stoddart said, ‘A fast, reliable connection to the internet has become a necessity for modern families. By collaborating with various internet network providers, Fastershire is helping hard-to-reach areas of our county access the same broadband speeds as those available in urban areas.’

‘Fastershire is raising awareness of Social Tariffs so families can enjoy benefits like children learning online, parents managing household bills, and everyone being able to surf the internet simultaneously.

Money Saving Expert has a list of internet service providers currently offering ‘Social Tariffs’

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