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Digital Household Grant

The Digital Household Grant is helping people who live and work in rural South Herefordshire to connect to faster broadband by funding the installation of a 4G or low earth orbit satellite superfast broadband solution.

Who’s eligible?

The grant is available to properties in South Herefordshire with less than a 30Mbps broadband connection that had been planned to be connected by Gigaclear as part of the Fastershire programme. 

The grant provides these properties with interim faster broadband until the UK Government’s Project Gigabit programme enables hard-to-reach communities to access lightning-fast gigabit-capable broadband.

What does the grant fund?

Funded by Herefordshire Council, the grant will cover the installation of 4G connection using an external antenna fitted to the outside of the property. In areas where a 4G connection proven to be unavailable, then the grant will look to fund an effective satellite solution.

Whilst the installation cost will be funded by the grant the ongoing monthly subscription or service charges will be covered by the applicant (as with any of the Fastershire programme).

We cannot fund retrospectively for what you have decided to install yourself, and we will fund the supplier directly for the 4G solution once the below steps are complete.

How does the grant work?

Step 1:  Apply for the Digital Household Grant by completing the form below

Step 2:  Confirmation email will be sent to show that you qualify

Step 3:  Supplier will contact you to arrange a date and time for site survey and 4g signal test

Step 4:  The supplier will contact you explaining which solution is being offered (if 4G unavailable, site option will be Satellite option will be offered)

Step 5:  You’ll review the available services or data packages and choose the service that suits you with the supplier

Step 6:  Supplier will arrange an Installation date

Step 7:  When installed by the supplier, you sign an acceptance certificate to confirm the solution has been installed and we raise payment to the supplier.

For information about how your information is used, please read the Digital Household Grant Privacy Notice, click here.


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Digital Household Grant

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