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Elliot Evans | Staying connected with Fastershire 16th February 2022 Elliott spent lockdown supporting the Midlands Air Ambulance with a virtual wheelchair fundraiser covering the distance between Land's End and John o' Groats and training for the St Michael's Hospice Half Marathon. A faster broadband connection helped Eliott keep in touch with his supporters and maintain his mental health and well-being. Watch video ‘Get Online Week’ with Wendy Haigh and Fastershire It's national 'Get Online Week.' And it's our pleasure to introduce you to the delightful Wendy Haigh, whose sparkle and charisma is enough to encourage anyone thinking about stepping into the online world. To find out about all the Beginners courses available from Fastershire, visit: Watch video Nick Nenadich, cricket, rugby The Royal Marsden and Fastershire Bringing the fastest broadband to rural areas is revolutionising peoples lives. For Nick Nenadich, full fibre streams the latest cricket and ruby from around the world. While being entertained by his sporting heroes, Nick also continues receiving care for a progressive cancer illness through regular online consultations with The Royal Marsden. Also, to show his thanks for the outstanding care he received at St Michael's Hospice - Hereford, Nick used his ultra-fast internet connection to help raise over £20,000 for the charity and catch up with lifelong friends in the process. Find out how fast you can go at: Watch video Ignite cic, ‘Our Community Can’ and faster broadband Ignite cic works with people of all ages to provide creative and physical actives throughout Herefordshire. Their 'Our Community Can' project continued tackling isolation and loneliness throughout lockdown thanks to faster broadband. Watch video How the Full Fibre broadband rollout will change Hereford for decades to come. While Fastershire is bringing the fastest broadband to rural areas in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, our friends at Zzoomm PLC are also building another of the UK's fastest and most resilient networks for the people of Hereford. Watch video Yoga with Suzanne Jevon-Hughston and Fastershire When lockdown paused 25 years of yoga teaching, Suzanne Jevon-Hughston took her classes online. With Gigaclear putting an end to frozen screens, Suzanne began to cast trouble-free Zoom lessons to people at home and abroad. Watch video Fastershire at Showle Court, a working dairy farm in Herefordshire Excellent animal husbandry is as essential today as it has always been. But today's modern farm also needs access to up-to-date data and information. George Clay from Showle Court takes us behind the scenes of a modern dairy to show us the difference Fastershire and Air Band's full-fibre Watch video Keep on running with Easy Garage and faster broadband Faster broadband in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire helps small businesses like Easy Garge to work efficiently and provide the best possible service for their customers. See how fast your business can go at: Watch video Sarinya Wood: Thai Conference and Court Interpreter Herefordshire based Sarinya Wood is one of the UK's top Thai Conference and Court Interpreters. Watch how superfast broadband made it possible for her to continue working throughout the pandemic. Watch video
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