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20 Jul 2022

Fastershire Community Grant Meeting

Location: Online Meeting

Date: Wed 20th July, 2022

Time: 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Fastershire Community Grant Meeting

We are hosting an online community meeting to explain the Fastershire Community Grant scheme to properties in Allensmore and the surrounding area.

We have received a number of Expressions of Interests (EOIs) from properties in this area and we hope more properties will come forward to form part of a ‘community’ project. For more information about the scheme and how to submit an EOI please click here (if you have already submittted an EOI, please do not re-submit).

Invitation letters or emails have been sent to all relevant properties and the meeting aims to explain the Fastershire Community Grant in more detail.

To attend this meeting, complete the registration form below.

We appreciate that you will likely have slow broadband but a connection of 1Mbps download speed should be sufficient, however, we can make the presentation available in other formats if required.

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