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Anita Poole, Bishops Cleeve

Anita runs several divisions of her business, from promoting innovative nutritional supplements to offering online video tools & consultations / training in personal communications, appearance and body language.
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Anita’s work includes the online promotion of a range of nutritional wellbeing sprays developed by Team Effort Network in the US, an image consultancy and video communications at

Multitasking online

From webconferences to online consultancy and training, uploading files to using multiple programmes at once, Anita now has access to a whole new level of productivity thanks to a faster broadband connection.

“I’m part of a global network using videoconferencing, webinars, blogs, pre-recorded video, social media and other channels to market and train on a variety of products and services. Good broadband speed is important, and since getting fibre I can upload and view videos better, have many programmes open at the same time and the overall quality of my videos, recordings and appearance online is higher and more reliable.

“It’s the increased upload speed that’s most effective. I used to have to be careful about when I chose to upload, avoiding peak times and weekends, but with fibre I don’t need to think about what time it is.”

Connecting better with people, presenting a better appearance

Health reasons mean extensive travel isn’t an option, but with superfast broadband Anita has found it’s possible to project her business to a greater extent online, especially with video.

“Video gets results. I can provide live or recorded communications, with video through email, website channels, TV style broadcast shows and training sessions. Before, if I was asked to be a speaker online, I would have to give a caveat about my unreliable connection, which was very embarrassing and not a great first impression. I haven’t had to give that warning again!

“Image consultancy is all about presenting a good appearance but if I don’t look good and provide good quality when online it doesn’t say much about the product. Since upgrading I can do more from home at a higher quality in less time, reaching a higher geographic audience with a better product.”

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