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Truffle Hunter, The Cotswolds

Truffle Hunter imports and sells fresh truffles and are the only UK based company who manufacture truffle products. Fast, efficient communications are essential for their international business.
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Truffle Hunter is a family business importing and selling fresh truffles. Located on a very rural industrial unit in Poole Keynes they are the only UK based company who manufacture truffle products. Access to fast and efficient communications is essential for their international business. Their truffles and truffle products are retailed in the UK and overseas in the US, Germany and Japan.

Truffle Hunter’s voice and data links to their suppliers in Italy, their retailers in the UK and abroad and their distributers are critical for their business. They have to access many Cloud systems for accountancy and invoicing, courier systems for distribution and online retailer systems plus the content management system for their website which is hosted off site.

VOIP and accessing cloud services

Despite the fact that truffle hunting is in decline Truffle Hunter’s business is steadily growing. They desperately needed a solution to the serious quality issues they had with their VOIP (Voice over IP) service and their infuriatingly slow connection to data services. Without fibre broadband Truffle Hunter would have had to remove their VOIP service altogether and order more telephone lines. They were also looking at very costly satellite solutions for their data services.

Since having fibre broadband installed Nigel Whitehouse, Managing Director of Truffle Hunter, says he has seen a “massive improvement in our business having a voice system that works properly”. Fibre enables them to access their cloud services efficiently, often with all five office based people online at the same time. Nigel says “If we didn’t have fibre we would have had to put in an alternative solution that would have been a lot more costly.”

Supporting continued growth

As the Italian truffle hunters and their dogs get ready to sniff out their autumn crop, Truffle Hunter back here in the Cotswolds are now confident their voice and data system will support them as they continue to grow their specialist gastro business and provide excellent service to their customers in the UK and abroad.

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